Driscoll Contracting is proud to use our 40+ years of experience to provide professional siding services to residents & businesses in the Concord, MA area. Siding is one of the first features new visitors notice, and it should allow for a flawless first impression every time. Signs that your siding is reaching its limit include cracked or loose siding, chips & dents, or other visible signs of damage. Whether you are looking for cedar, fiber, vinyl, or any other type of designer siding, when you choose Driscoll Contracting for the job, your new siding will become one of your home’s best assets.

What Does New Siding Do For You?IMG_5279 (1)

You may not realize that your old siding is affecting more than just your home’s curb appeal. Outdated siding can affect your energy use due to poor insulation, whereas properly installed new siding will seal in where there are gaps in the wood frame, and save you money on your energy bills. Siding is also crucial to protect the inner layers of your home from the elements and to prevent water damage. In New England, that means your siding must be able to withstand snow, rain, and winter storms.

Why Hire a Professional?

Siding replacement & installation is an extensive project that requires qualified professionals to get the job done right. Expert contractors will have access to the best industry materials and will be able to install them properly & efficiently. Professionally installed siding also comes with manufacturer warranties that can last for decades. Since siding lasts for so long, choosing the wrong team for your siding project or trying to complete it yourself could lead to poor results and decades of regret. While many home improvement tasks can be done by homeowners themselves, you will not want to forgo professional contracting services when it comes to siding.

For professional siding & general contracting services in the Concord, MA area, the team of experts at Driscoll Contracting will not let you down. Give us a call today at 781-405-5584