Renovating Your Home during a Pandemic

The pandemic has forced a majority of people to work from home and take classes online too. As productivity has somewhat slowed down and the lack of commuting freeing up more time, homeowners are finding this an ideal opportunity to conduct necessary renovations they have been putting off for a long.

But the question is: how can you renovate your home while the pandemic is still raging outside? Here are some quick tips for you:

1.    Research in Details

In the best of circumstances, you’d find it quite challenging to find good contractors. But in high-demand seasons, like after a hurricane or a pandemic, you will find the bad guys coming out in disguise too. Hence, if you feel the time is right for renovations, then so are the others, but this elevated demand does not mean you settle for the first available contractor in the market.

Take your time and research well. Even if you can’t meet everyone in person, what’s to stop you from clicking away and researching bout them on the internet? Make sure to read all the reviews, make calls, and double-check their authenticity. When you’re sure of their reliability and reputation, only then handover your project to them.

2.    Follow References

A recommendation may have come from a relative or a friend, but you do not have to blindly trust them for a contractor. Ask the contractor for more references and follow them up to ensure they have the necessary skills to match your project.

Besides, a renovation is occasional: you can’t just waste precious money and end up with a house you never wanted.

3.    Make Your Own Plans

Hey, it’s your home, after all. Who would know better than you exactly how you want each nook and cranny, each corner and space to shine in your home? Now that the pandemic is giving you lots of time at home utilize it to draw plans on how you want to do your house.

Do not hesitate to unleash your creativity-so what if you’re not an interior designer. You know your heart and your home better than anyone else, right? Hence, draw plans and enlist each and every detail, from the roofs to the fireplaces, to the coats of paint you want or don’t want.

4.    Don’t Skip the License

Again, the pandemic limitations may not make it possible to meet every contractor in the locality. But why can’t you check with the contractor licensing board to verify the authenticity of their license? Look for the state contractor boards your district follows and visit their searchable website or make a couple of calls to confirm their license authenticity. Then, you’re free to contact them.

Final Thoughts

The free time during the global pandemic is ideal for conducting those extensive, time-consuming renovations you had been saving for. But at the same time, social distancing protocols mean you may fall for a phony contractor. Contact Driscoll Contracting to find the most reliable contractors for your renovation projects.


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