Storm Windows vs Replacement Windows

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One of the longest and biggest debates among homeowners is if they should install storm windows or replacement windows? Contractors, designers, architects, and homeowners have all gone back and forth on this topic. In reality, the answer isn’t going to be the same for every homeowner because every home is so different. Read on to find out what type of windows is right for your home.

Storm Windows

Storm windows are known to come in two different styles – interior or exterior. Exterior storm windows are installed from the outside of your home, while interior storm windows are installed from the inside of your home. Exterior storm windows are more common when people are deciding between storm windows and replacement windows.

The purpose of storm windows is to give your home an extra layer of protection from the weather elements like snow, wind, and rain. Storm windows will also give you an extra layer of insulation which will help your home be more energy efficient. They add a layer onto your windows and you can remove them at any time you want.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows can come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Some of the most common styles are casement, double-hung, awning, picture and sliding windows. The biggest difference between storm windows and replacement windows is that with replacement windows, you will be taking out your old windows completely to put in new windows. Your home will be getting new windows that completely fit into where the old windows were.

Replacement windows are normally chosen when your old windows can’t function as they should be anymore. If your home’s current windows are drafty, have mold, damaged seals or don’t open anymore then those are all signs that you should replace your windows. With replacement windows, you are getting rid of any problem your current windows are causing.

If you have any questions about what is the right choice for your home, turn to the experts at Driscoll Contracting! We can help you make an informed decision. For a free quote, call us at 781-405-5584 or contact us on our website.

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