Our Kitchen Remodeling Services

If you a homeowner in Concord, MA or in the greater Boston area and are interested in remodeling your whole kitchen or just certain pieces of it, turn to the professionals at Driscoll Contracting. We are a full-service home remodeling contracting company and specialize in kitchen remodeling. We work with homeowners throughout every step of the kitchen design and remodeling process. We use quality products and have years of experience to create and design fully functional kitchens with a modern and elegant feel to them.

We pride our kitchen remodels to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as fully functional to give you and your family the kitchen you have always dreamed of.

Kitchen Remodeling Process

Our kitchen remodeling process will start with designing the kitchen, from there we will work with the countertops and cabinets to make sure that everything looks good in your kitchen. We will work with your current electrical and plumbing in your home to make sure that once your design is set in place, the kitchen will still be working as it should. Kitchens are often times the focal point of a home which is why you should work with only professionals.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Some of our more popular kitchen remodeling services include:

  • Updating new flooring
  • Changing the layout of your current kitchen
  • Installing new & updated countertops
  • Replacing kitchen cabinets & backsplashes
  • Adding in crown molding¬†& baseboard
  • Updating light fixtures & faucets

For more information or a free estimate on our kitchen remodeling jobs contact the professionals at Driscoll Contracting. We can be reached at 781-405-5584 or directly on our website. We can’t wait to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.