3 Benefits of a Home Addition

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For some, the idea of home construction can be really off-putting. Regardless of how beautiful the finished product is, home additions require some work even if you’re not the one holding the hammer and nails. But, all the work performed is well worth it in the end since home additions come with plenty of attractive benefits. Let’s take a look at a few, read on!

Adds Value to Your Home

While this does depend on your specific home and the general state of your local real estate market, building an addition to your home will add value to it in most cases. If you plan on selling your home somewhere down the line, homebuyers will find the additional space and the possibilities that come along with it rather appealing. When selling your home, square footage can be one of the factors that determine both value and real estate price, which is certainly a welcome factor when it’s time to sell.

Addition Can Be Used for Extra Income

Investing in an addition can ultimately pay for itself, especially if you rent out a portion of said addition for some extra income. Guests visiting from other states and countries much prefer renting a local room over a few nights in an expensive hotel. If you live in an area that is in close proximity to a bustling city or generally popular area, choosing to rent out your addition can be a highly lucrative option.

Keeps You from Moving

As your children come and go and circumstances in your life change, you may begin to wonder if you need to purchase a bigger home. However, moving can be incredibly difficult and emotionally challenging, especially if you’re attached to your home and the life you’ve built while living there. Adding on to your existing home provides you with the space you need to remain in your beloved home while also feeling like it has been given new life.

Enjoy these perks and more by choosing to add on to your home. If you need help bringing your ideas to fruition, get in touch with our superb team of craftsman here at Driscoll Contracting. You can reach us at 781-405-5584 or by filling out an online contact form!

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