How to Keep the Rooms Above Your Garage Warm in the Winter

The room above your garage can be a fantastic space for almost anything: a hangout space, a gym, an extra bedroom, or an office. But that space has to be warm to be usable. Most garages aren’t insulated, so the room above the garage can get very cold in the winter. But there are lots of things that you can do to insulate that space and make it warm and cozy in the winter.

Use Rugs And Thermal Curtains

An easy way to make the room above your garage warmer is to put a thick carpet with a thick carpet pad on the floor. That will help eliminate drafts, block the cold from the garage below, and keep the existing heat in the room.

You can also hang thermal curtains on the walls and windows to help block the cold coming in from outside. Thermal curtains are inexpensive and can change the temperature in the room by several degrees. But, that may not be enough to make the room warm enough to be used for long periods.

Invest In Proper Insulation

One of the best ways to make the room above your garage a space that is comfortable and usable all year round is to have experts install insulation in the garage. When the garage is properly insulated from the elements, the room above the garage will become a cozy additional living space that you and your family can enjoy no matter what the temperature is outside.

Add More Insulation to the Room Floor

If you don’t want to invest in insulation for the entire garage, you can have professionals put more insulation on the floor of the room above the garage. That way, you aren’t paying to insulate the garage itself but placing insulation in the space you want to use as additional living space. That extra insulation and a thick carpet can block the cold from the insulated garage below.

Insulate Your Garage Door

Insulating the garage door can also increase the temperature inside the garage and block the cold. Because heat rises, if you protect the garage door, the room above the garage will feel warmer if the garage door is insulated. Professional insulation installation is an excellent investment to create more usable square footage for your home.

Install A Real Heating System

There are a lot of quick fixes that can help warm up the room above the garage temporarily, but for long-term usability, the best thing to do is to have professionals install a natural heating system in your garage room. Talk to the experts at Driscoll Contracting today to find out more custom heating options or to schedule an appointment for a free estimate for heating system installation.


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