Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Deck

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It’s likely that you spend a lot of your time relaxing and having a good time with friends and family. It is essential to have fun, but it is also equally important to ensure that your deck is well-maintained. Like all things in life, decks are also prone to wear and tear, and if you don’t pay timely attention, your deck might disintegrate to the point that it might cause an injury to you or your loved ones.

To help you avoid major losses, we have prepared a list of important signs that will let you know if you are in for a deck replacement:

Rotted Wood

The wood rot eventually happens on all decks. In some cases, the boards can be removed and replaced to repair the small areas, but the entire deck needs replacement if the rot is significant.

Surface Problems

Cracked, split, or warped boards are the first major signs that your deck is worn. If the issues are only isolated to just a few decks, you can replace those, but if the whole surfaces show signs, you can prepare for a replacement.

Loose or Unstable Railings

The railing is crucial to ensure safety on any deck. Fixing loose railing is easy, but unstable railing might indicate a larger issue at hand and warrant further inspection to ensure everything is fine.

Damaged Joists or Posts

The joists and posts that are supporting your deck are crucial to its stability. Once these boards are inflicted with too much rot, wear or damage, it becomes virtually impossible to secure the structure with spot repairs. Decks of this type are prone to collapse.

Water Damage or Extensive Mold

Pressure wash the surface mold and staining to maintain the look of your deck. However, when the mold has penetrated the boards’ deeper layers, the wood becomes weak. Water damage might also cause the wood to become soft.

Termite Infestation

Termites can prove very harmful to the health and integrity of your deck. They weaken joists, ledger posts, and posts. If you have some visible termite damage, you should immediately get your deck inspected and possibly replaced.

These are some telltale signs that your deck might be in danger and need replacement. If you want a professional to take a look, we are more than happy to help. Please get in touch with us and let us be of service. 

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