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Whether you need a basic roofing repair in a particular area on your home or commercial building or you are seeking an entire roof replacement, the crew at Driscoll Contracting has the experience necessary to complete the job. The roof is the crucial and most important structure on your real estate property; in order to maintain structural integrity and worth, it is necessary that you ensure there are no sections that may be deteriorating and causing damage. We can install a variety of roofing products of varying materials.

Updates to bathrooms and kitchens whether they are small or grand can truly remake the entire look and feel of your home. Whether you are looking to extend the size of your kitchen or replace and create new, custom shelves and cabinets in your bathroom, we can provide the appropriate home improvement and remodeling services to create exactly what you want.

The last thing you want for your home are windows that are not properly installed, are broken, or just diminish the overall appearance of your property. High quality windows are important, and our crew guarantees installation of those that are long-lasting and energy efficient. Replacement and installation of your windows can truly revamp your home or another piece of real estate, not only increasing the look but the worth as well.

Ultimately, however big or small the job, Driscoll Contracting & Development has years of experience working for clients throughout Concord, MA as well as the surrounding areas of Cambridge, Somerville and all Greater Boston. We pride ourselves on our continued success with each residential or commercial project, and we look forward each day to continuing to complete each carpentry, home improvement or full on real estate development project.

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