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  • Wow! You responded to our telephone call, sent an email, came over in person and returned to complete the needed repairs, all in a bit over 24 hours!  Evidently, there are some superheroes lurking behind that Driscoll brand name. We owe you a great big thanks and a tip of the hat.  We are going away for a week and having the repair done provides real peace of mind.

  • We have been working with Driscoll Contracting for the past few years on several projects in our house, including work on our roof and porch. Most recently, Brendan and his crew did a complete remodel of our unfinished basement, which involved adding several rooms and a full bath.  We could not be happier with the outcome.  Family and friends have been extremely impressed with the space, and we have already enjoyed using it ourselves on a daily basis.  Brendan is honest, on time and on budget, which are qualities that have been lacking in contractors we have worked with in the past.  Brendan's team is professional and detail-oriented, and we wholeheartedly recommend Driscoll Contracting for any project.

  • We’ve used Brendan Driscoll for a majority of our home improvement projects but he is a roofer by trade. He just quoted us for a roofing job in the spring and it was very competitive. He gets up on the roof himself and has complete control of his crew.

    S.G. Arlington, MA
  • The work you did on the gutters and soffits was terrific – I greatly appreciate the high quality work and the attention to detail. Thanks again for your great work - we’ll be in touch.

    D.R. Lexington, MA
  • This is just a general recommendation – I like passing good news along when we get excellent service. Just had 7 windows replaced in our 1950’s ranch. About 15 years ago, the previous owners had replaced some of the original metal framed, single paned windows – but not all of them. Brendan Driscoll was our best quote, was responsive, showed up when he said he would, did the work in just a few days, left the place spotless each day and the whole crew was just as nice and pleasant as you’d hope folks to be. Brendan is very knowledgeable and was able to walk us through the process, make recommendations and accommodate our custom add-ons. We went with Harvey, triple-pane, sliding windows and are very happy. I was here when they had to jack-hammer the metal frames out of the basement foundation, then brake them, then yank them out. It was hard labor. Even the four that weren’t encased in concrete were difficult as they were original to the house and built quite solidly in. My house remained very livable while they were working and, as I said, they cleaned up beautifully when they left for the day. When the work was completed, there wasn’t a trace that they had been here – except the energy efficient, easy to open and close, attractive windows where the rusted, leaky, impossible to crank open ones had been. My husband was particularly impressed with how they detailed the concrete outside the basement windows – better than before. Brendan does all sorts of contracting jobs – window and door replacement, roofs, gutters, etc. We can only comment on the windows, but will call him if other similar work needs to be done. He has also done work in Arlington (our friend in Arlington gave us the rec).

    M.G. Lincoln, MA
  • Driscoll Contracting has performed a number of jobs for us over the years and we have not hesitated to contract with them repeatedly. The team at Driscoll covers a wide range of skills as evidenced by the variety of work they have carried out for us. They have replaced the roof, replaced the gutters and repaired the fascia and trim in advance of house painting, rebuilt brick pillars in our basement, installed attic insulation, and replaced the porches and decks on our Queen Anne home in Cambridge. The restoration of the front porch involved maintaining the period details. Most recently we asked the Driscoll team to replace a flat roof on the rear of our house and to build a roof deck upon it. In every case the work was very professionally carried out, with particular attention to minimizing our inconvenience. The crew cleaned up the site meticulously each day. The quality of the carpentry is high and they always use high quality materials. Brendan Driscoll has also been very helpful to us in introducing us to his network of other high quality contractors in the painting trade (Robert O’Connor) and plastering trade (Chris Cullinan). He coordinates well with those other teams, making the jobs progress smoothly and successfully.

    P.B. Cambridge, MA
  • I have only the highest praise for Driscoll Contracting! They have done not only roof and gutter work for me, but saved my garage from falling down when it was discovered that the wooden supports between the two brick layers of wall had rotted away. I recommend them highly, and find them honest, reliable and responsive.

    E.G. Waban, MA
  • Brendan Driscoll and his team have just finished bringing our house to life. They did an excellent job of roofing and mending some of the eyesores that had been plaguing our house for years. His men obviously take pride in their work: They also left the yard very neat after each cycle of work, and again when the job was done.

    B.B. Arlington, MA
  • Brendan, I can't tell you how much I appreciate how you responded to the furnace problem. On a Friday night, interfering with your family life, saving this house from a real catastrophe. I can't say enough. You're a real professional. I'll call you tomorrow to followup.

    T.K. Waban, MA
  • Thank you so much for your continued support of my ride for Best Buddies. There are many reasons why Driscoll Contracting is a unique company and one that I look for every opportunity to recommend but this one is extraordinary.

    J.G. Cambridge, MA
  • Brendan Thank you very much. It's been a year I'm still looking for flaws, none?.


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