Home Remodeling in Lexington, MA

A member of Middlesex County, the town of Lexington, Massachusetts was first joined with Cambridge but later officially separated in the year 1713. Lexington has great historical importance, as it was the location of the “shot heard around the world” when the American Revolutionary War began. Today the town is predominantly residential and is a popular destination for families as well as those who work in the city but prefer to live outside and commute. Lexington is home to many historical buildings as well, which oftentimes need repair and maintenance services to maintain their structure as best as possible. Driscoll Contracting & Development, Inc. proudly provides these real estate improvement services as well as all home remodeling services for all residential and commercial clients in the Lexington area.

Custom Home Build in Lexington, MA

We are experts in home remodeling as we have completed hundreds of projects during our journey. Our home remodeling services are pristine and well within your budget because we believe in providing quality work at a reasonable price. We proudly offer our remodeling and repair services to both residential and commercial clients. Whether you are looking to redo your kitchen, get a new tub in the bathroom, have a patio in your backyard, or do any other remodeling project, we are here to provide you with the services that will amaze you.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Lexington MA

Homeowners’ highest demand when investing in home improvement. A remodel of the kitchen and bathroom can instantly change the look and feel of the house. It can also add more value to the house! From creating more space to a complete design, we can put together a masterpiece for you and your loved ones to enjoy for many years to come. The hardest part? Giving us a call and explain what project you are looking for, it’s that simple. Our design experts will walk you through every step of our process so you can envision how we operate from start to end.

If you are looking to get an estimate for your remodeling or repair work in Lexington, please don’t hesitate to contact Driscoll Contracting service and we will make your remodeling and renovation journey much easier and more cost-effective.