10 Home Improvement Projects You Should Do This Winter

Home improvement is something many people associate with warmer weather, but there’s no reason you can’t improve your home over the winter too. Consider these 10 home improvement projects to start upgrading your home this winter season!

  1. Update Flooring

Updating your flooring is one of the few jobs that can be done completely inside, so winter weather isn’t a concern. Use the warmer months for outdoor projects and take advantage of the winter to upgrade your flooring.

Get new carpet, laminate, or hardwood installed to improve your space instantly. A flooring contractor can measure your room to offer specific price estimates based on the type of flooring you want.

  1. Store Lawn Equipment

Set your future self up for success by properly storing your lawn equipment over the winter. Give everything a good cleaning before storing it in a shed or garage. Cleaning debris from the bottom of your lawnmower and weed eater prevents rust and corrosion over the winter. This quick job can be done in the afternoon and makes a big difference in the spring!

  1. Seal Drafts and Prevent Pests

Cold weather will amplify areas of your home that aren’t adequately sealed or insulated. Make a note of anywhere you feel a draft. Drafts can come from the floor, windows, doors, and even in the attic. Some drafts are easy to seal as a DIY job, while others require the help of a professional.

Anywhere you feel a draft, there’s an increased risk of pests making their way into the home as it gets colder outside. Sealing drafts will keep them outside where they belong.

  1. Upgrade Lighting

The winter blues are a real thing. Boost your mood and upgrade your space by installing new light fixtures in the home! If you like the existing institutions, something as simple as upgrading the bulbs can transform the appearance of a room when the lights are on.

  1. Paint

Interior painting projects are a great way to stay busy this winter. Choose the room you want to tackle and get started! You’ve got all winter to master the art of interior home painting.

  1. Inspect Your Concrete

Cold weather will make any cracks in concrete more noticeable. Walk around your property and note areas with cracked or damaged concrete, including along your home’s foundation. Sealing these cracks is not a DIY job but being proactive in identifying them is!

  1. Upgrade Plumbing Fixtures

Winter is the slow season for plumbers, so getting an appointment to upgrade your plumbing fixtures will be a breeze. Upgraded fixtures make a big difference in the home’s aesthetics while using water more efficiently.

  1. Make the Switch to Efficient Windows and Doors

Upgrading your windows and doors isn’t a job for the coldest part of winter, but early winter is a great time to do it! You’ll enjoy a noticeably warmer and more comfortable home the rest of the season with fewer drafts and an improved appearance.

  1. Add Some Tile

Adding tile to your home instantly makes it look more modern and inviting. Try your hand at installing a tile backsplash in the kitchen or tiling your shower walls. If you don’t want to tackle the job yourself, it’s a quick project for a contractor.

  1. Organize and Declutter

Use the extra hours spent indoors to make your home more organized. Declutter things you don’t need or want and ensure everything you keep has a home. Who says you have to wait for spring to start cleaning?

Contact Driscoll Contracting today if you need help with winter home improvement projects!

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