How to Choose the Right Skylight for Your Home

The appropriate skylight may completely transform the space by allowing natural light to enter your home and fostering a sense of openness and elegance. Selecting one can be difficult because there are many varieties, sizes, and features to consider.

For choosing the skylight, you need to know about various design considerations for placement, energy efficiency, and utility.  You can make an appropriate choice that improves your living space’s aesthetics and functionality.

This guide will give you proper guidelines to choose a skylight according to the specific requirements. Be ready to prepare your home for more light with the best skylight option!

The Composition of a Skylight

In most situations, skylights are built of acrylic, which is translucent but not transparent. They can sometimes be made of polycarbonate, which can be either translucent or transparent.

Typical features of insulated skylights include a double-paned window filled with an inert gas (often argon), which absorbs heat from light without any problem.

Installing a Skylight

This is crucial to choose the right skylight for your home. Its installation needs good technical expertise. A High level of care and precautionary measurements are required.

The product’s dimensions and spacing are critical. Size-wise, a 3-5% floor-to-skylight ratio for standard skylights is ideal, whereas a 1-2% ratio for high-performance units is advised.

The distance between skylights in applications with multiple skylights should be roughly 1.5 times the height between the floor and roofing for optimal illumination.

Cost of a Skylight

Skylight prices vary greatly, with affordable acrylic skylights costing $350 and high-end tubular skylights costing $1,200.

How to choose an appropriate Skylight

Because of so many varieties, choosing the right one for your home is a bit hard. Cost is another factor upon which you may depend.

You will choose the skylight according to the place’s measurements, the exact size, and whether for illumination or ventilation. Let’s discuss the types that will help you choose yours.

Types of Skylights

Skylights come in various varieties, each having a unique form, function, and installation process. Following are some popular kinds of skylights:

Custom Skylights

Roofs with unusual shapes or conditions require custom skylights for installation or special requests. The prices range from $2,500+.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed spotlights are popular skylights with sealed frames, suitable for illumination and lack ventilation, and range from $260+.

Vented Skylights

Vented skylights enhance ventilation and moisture resistance in bathrooms and kitchens. Their prices range from $1,000-$4,000.

Round skylights

Round skylights, also known as circular skylights, are suitable for most roofing profiles and flashings, with prices over $300.

Dome Skylights

Dome skylights, made of durable, flexible plastics, provide even illumination for entire rooms with a price range of $350-740.

Solar Skylights

Solar skylights have a solar panel that charges when the sun is out and then produces artificial light when it goes out again, recognizing that natural light isn’t always available.

Flat Roof Skylights

Skylights on flat roofs offer an additional chance to enhance ventilation while lighting interior spaces. Price ranges from $250 and above.

Blinds for Skylights

Skylight blinds are essential for blocking light, and they cost $200+. They are also known as Skylight blockers.

Opening Skylights

Opening skylights offer mechanical opening and closing, providing ventilation and weather stability at a higher price, like $825+.

 Tubular Skylight

Tubular skylights, with three components: a light collector, reflective tube, and interior fixture, are ideal for limited roof space. Price ranges from $200 to $500.

 Ridge Skylight

Ridge skylights replicate roof ridge shape and can sit on flat roofs or mounted on curbs with various pitch options.


Choosing an exact skylight for your home requires proper knowledge about the type and cost of the product. Additionally, the information about the place’s measurements is crucial too. These factors will help you make a better choice.  Contact Driscoll Contracting for more information

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