Basic Types of Property Building Permits You Need to Know

A building permit is an approval granted by a Government or city-based legal authority with jurisdiction over a particular land area. It gives builders legal authority to complete construction work. It ensures that the work meets safety standards and conforms to the requirements of the relevant codes. Building permits can be required for any work not covered by sub-permits.

For construction purposes, the most common type of building permits are outlined below.

1.    Racking Permit

This type of permit is related to shelving and is usually required by stores and malls, with shelves and racks as a major part of their business. These are used to hold and display items of interest for businesses and consumers to buy. Examples include grocery stores, clothing stores, and sellers of electronic goods.

Racking permits are generally required to install racks or shelves starting from a size of 5’9”. The actual size requirements vary by State.

The purpose of a racking permit is to avoid danger in the case of earthquakes, tornadoes, and other such natural hazards. It is also required for any business that has warehouses to store inventory items,


2.    Plumbing Permit

A plumbing permit is required to fit, amend, or repair plumbing installations in kitchens or bathrooms. This covers pipes, drains, sinks, and backflow devices. On a commercial level, a hotel or restaurant would require a plumbing permit to upgrade its piping and sinks in bathrooms.

3.    Electrical Permit

An electrical permit would be required for any electrical installation, such as wiring, lighting, or transformers. An electrical permit would be needed for a commercial store that is being constructed before the installation of its lighting system.

4.    Mechanical Permit

A mechanical permit would be required before proceeding with any mechanical work needed in an establishment. This includes the installation of heating or cooling devices and related ductwork.

For instance, a restaurant builder would be required to obtain a mechanical permit before installing a grease exhaust hood in the kitchen area to conduct and remove excess heat from the stove.


Getting building permits to construct various items for commercial and residential establishments may be considered a nuisance. However, they are deemed necessary because they help protect the lives and properties of people who use these premises.

They are also required by insurance companies and are inspected in case of claims for damage to life and property. Permits help ensure that all construction and property amendments are done according to established standards and are not made arbitrarily.

They ensure that construction is legal and help avoid mistakes related to faulty structural design, fire hazards, and other areas that can cause harm. We have connections with the city’s civic and municipal authorities. Contact us today to get the permits you require to manage your construction in the best possible way and without hindrance.




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