How To Turn Your Old Home into a New Home

In New England, specifically around the Boston area, there are so many older homes, that have memories and even historical but need updating. There are many benefits and ways to modernize an old home and make it work for your needs while keeping its charm.

Ways to Make an Old Home New


One of the first things to check in an older home is the electrical system and how the wiring is set up. Sometimes older homes have knob and tube electrical wiring systems or even cloth wiring. These systems, if they have been maintained, can still work, but they are not as effective as modern systems.

New Windows

While old windows can have charm, they are causing you to lose money every time you run the heat or air conditioning. Replacing old windows, and getting windows with double or triple paned windows will save you money in your pocket. They are also well sealed to keep not only the weather but also noise out.

Kitchen Countertops

There’s a large chance that your home’s kitchen countertops haven’t been updated in decades and this is something that is easily modernized and will give your home a whole new feeling to it. There are many options on countertops as well, from granite, butcher block, stainless steel, and concrete you are able to give your home the style you are looking for.

Open the Floorplan

Older homes are notorious for having a closed floor plan which leaves your home feeling trapped and small. Rooms are blocked behind walls and doors rather than flowing into other rooms. If you decide to open the floorplan your home will feel more comfortable and spacious. When working with a contractor, they can determine which walls and be moved or taken down.

Update the Outside

If you look at your street and notice your home is standing out by looking older, if you give your home a facelift then it will give your home a fresh look. If your home has historical value then there are enhancements that you can do that won’t harm the history of your home. There are also modern options which modern materials can match the style of your home but make your home last longer.

If you have an older home and want to make it look and feel newer, Driscoll Contracting is here to help you. We are experts in home renovations and will work with you to keep the style of your home while giving it a modern enhancement. To get started or with any questions, you can call us at 781-405-5584 or contact us on our website.

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