Signs you Need a New Roof

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Not every homeowner thinks about the roof over their head until there’s a big problem or an emergency occurs. You shouldn’t wait until you have water coming in from your roof to take a look at your roof and any problems that it may have. Here are some tips to help you decide if you need a new roof:

Do you Have a Leak?

The more obvious sign you need a new roof is if your roof is leaking. You should regularly check your attic to see if you can spot any signs of a leak. You should especially check after a big rain storm or if you see any ice dams in your gutters. Water can travel far and can get inside walls and through beams. If you see signs of a leak, you may not need a whole new roof. Some minor roof repairs may be able to be done to save your roof if you catch the problem early.

There are Water Stains

While you may not see any leaks while they are happening, if you see water stains, chances are you still have a leak. It could also be because of condensation which is common in the summer with the high humidity levels. It’s common for condensation to pool and leak through ceilings.

You see Paint Damage

If you see any paint that is peeling or blistering the cause of that is normally water. This can happen to paint indoors or outdoors if it has water through it.

Your Home has Signs of Mold

If you see any stops/signs of mold or mildew growing on your ceilings or walls could be a sign of a leaky roof. This could be from water leaking, build up of condensation, or it could also be a plumbing problem. To help with mold in your home, you should check and make sure that your insulation is dry, you have proper ventilation, and all of your pipes aren’t leaking or sweating.

There was a Storm

Weather is one of the top reasons that a roof needs to be replaced or needs maintenance. Hail and ice, especially while living in New England, for major storms to cause roof damage. After any major storms, it’s important to check and make sure there was no damage to your roof.

What to do if you need a new roof

If you think you may need a new roof or any sort of roof repair, call the experts at Driscoll Contracting. It’s better to catch the problem earlier before any problem gets worse or you find your roof pouring in water during a storm. For a free quote on roof repair or roof maintenance or a total roof replacement, you can contact us on our website or call us at 781-405-5584. We are located in Concord, MA but serve the greater Boston area.

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