Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

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Most homeowners are always looking to increase their home’s value when they start a remodel. Which often will lead a homeowner to questions like, “which project is going to give you the most bang for your buck while improving the functionality of your home?” Kitchen remodeling is ranked high at the top of both of those questions. A new and updated kitchen can help improve your daily life and dramatically increase your home’s value. Here are our tips on how to make sure your kitchen remodel will increase your home’s value:

Install High-End Appliances

With the right appliances, your kitchen will immediately feel luxurious. Installing appliances can help solve your kitchen’s functional problems but also it doesn’t require construction. This is a great project to do before you are completely ready to remodel your whole kitchen. As soon as the appliances are installed you will feel like you have a brand new kitchen.

Add Neutral Colors

Installing a neutral color palette for your countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and walls could be the biggest investment long term for your kitchen remodel. Neutral colors have been in style for decades and it’s a great investment if at any time you are looking to sell your home. You may think neutral colors sound boring or cliche, it’s one aspect of your kitchen that will be timeless.

Expand The Space

Most homeowners always dream of a bigger kitchen, which is also what prospective home buyers will be looking for as well. Knocking down a wall or creating an open concept kitchen layout is a great way to create more space and utilize what space you already have.

Add a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a great addition to your kitchen because there are so many uses. With a kitchen island, you can add extra seating, add a small oven or sink, and give your kitchen a lot of extra counter space. Depending on what your kitchen needs, an island will help give you exactly that.

If you are looking to make small updates with your home’s kitchen or start a whole kitchen remodel, turn to the professionals at Driscoll Contracting & Development. We can help you from the design process until the kitchen is complete to make sure that your kitchen is everything you’ve wanted it to be. For a free quote or with any questions, you can contact us directly on our website or call us at 781-405-5584.


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