Winter is Coming: 5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows Today

Winter is coming—are your windows ready? With the changing of seasons comes hot chocolate, ski season, and yes—rising energy costs if your windows aren’t up to snuff. Here are five reasons you should replace your windows before winter.

Save on Heating Costs

The most important reason: replacing your windows can save you money, while also moving you towards a more “green” homeownership. According to Energy Star, the government’s energy-efficiency program, the average homeowner can save up to $465 a year in heating bills by switching to high-efficiency windows (the absolute highest savings will be for homeowners replacing very old, single-pane windows).

Better Home Value

Although it may take you several years to recoup the cost, consider this: updated windows can make your home more valuable to future homebuyers. According to an article published in Time, homeowners recouped about 70% of their window installation costs when it came time to sell.

Avoid the Chill and Moisture

Have you ever stood next to a window and felt the need to go grab a sweater? New efficiency windows represent the latest insulation technology available—not only are they double-paned, but they come with a layer of argon and a low-emissivity film coating. The result: you can be right next to a window and never feel a draft. Even better, many newer windows are better at warding off the condensation that can lead to mold formation.

Less Stress on Your HVAC System

Even if your heating costs aren’t that high, cold air coming in through your old windows is putting extra strain on your HVAC system. And the cost of replacing an HVAC system can put a huge dent in your wallet! Replacing your windows before winter strikes can allow you to get additional years of use out of your heating system.

Your Decor Deserves It

If you’ve redecorated your kitchen and opted for new sofas in the living room, why stop there? Outdated windows like aluminum storm windows don’t hold much aesthetic appeal these days. Now is the time to opt for new windows that are easy to clean, easy to open, and easy to look at. 

Replacing your windows can save you money in the long run, while insulating your home from the cold outdoors. We are happy to help you with any services. Consult the window treatment experts at Driscoll Contracting with any questions you might have about the replacement process, or for a guided estimate. Contact us directly on our website or give us a call at 781-405-5584

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