4 Advantages of Building a Custom Home

When we think of buying a home, our mind often travels to visions of walking through a pre-existing house while pointing out what we like, and don’t like, about the property. We look around until we find a home that not only fits our overall taste, but our budget as well. However, sometimes the pre-existing home market becomes limited, and it becomes harder to find the home you’ve been looking for. The option to purchase property you love, and build a custom home on that property, is also on the table for prospective home buyers. The idea of taking on a project the likes of designing your own home can be very daunting, and that’s understandable, but before disregarding the idea you must first consider the advantages to choosing this option. We’re here to lay them out for you.

1.) Energy Efficiency

Building a custom home allows you to utilize updated technologies throughout your home for increased energy efficiency. You can install better windows, better insulation, and implement solar panels if it suits you. All of these options contribute to the long-term benefits of building a custom home.

2.) Privacy

The beautiful thing about choosing to build a custom home is that it can be built to your specifications in terms of how much privacy you need. Your contracting team can help you figure out what orientations are the most beneficial for achieving the privacy you desire. Keep in mind this can also be done creatively to maximize both natural light and views while still maintaining a private layout. Electing to purchase an existing home may not provide you with as much privacy as you might expect.

3.) Style

What’s so great about working with a designer on your own custom home is that you get to have an incredible amount of input into the overall style of your house. You’re not confined by a pre-existing design or strict rules enforced by development associations. You don’t have to settle for lines or aesthetic features outside of your tastes with a custom home. Building the house you’ve been dreaming of is simply part of the process!

4.) Lawn

The look of your lawn goes a long way in determining your overall curb appeal. When you purchase an established home, their lawns can have impacted soil, bugs, and other problems that can be a serious liability to your property. Building a custom home allows you the opportunity to build a custom lawn too. You can decide on anything from implementing an irrigation system to designing functional outdoor spaces.

When you elect to build a custom home, you get plenty of say into how your home looks and functions. For all of your custom home needs, come to Driscoll Contracting & Development. Our team of experienced craftsman want to build your dream home, so call us at 781-405-5584 or fill out our online contact form!

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