How Does Siding Help Lower Energy Costs?

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Many homeowners make the decision to install new siding in their home because of the added curb appeal and resale value that comes with it, but did you know you could be lowering your energy costs too? A low-cost siding option, such as vinyl, can quickly and easily pay for itself between the added resale value to the home and reduced energy cost.

New Siding Means New Insulation

New siding is the perfect opportunity to improve the exterior insulation in your home. By investing in new exterior insulation or your home, you’re improving the homes ability to keep hot and cold air in, and the opposite out. But of course, the insulation wouldn’t last long on its own when it came time to withstand the outdoor elements. By placing quality siding over your insulation, you can extend the lifespan, improve energy efficiency, and save a lot of money for years to come.

Siding Keeps the Sun Out

In the summer months, new siding will work to deflect the sun’s rays from your home and keep them from increasing the internal temperature. Older siding that fails to do this will result in the constant running of the AC through the summer months just to maintain a comfortable temperature. Lighter colored siding is the best option for decreasing the effect of the sun’s rays, but even the darker colors still reduce energy cost.

What Type of Siding Is Best?

If you’re looking to invest in new siding to improve the energy efficiency of your home, you should be looking at vinyl or stucco. Both vinyl and stucco siding come equipped with a foam backing that reinforces your insulation and improves their durability with time. Vinyl siding is the most popular choice among homeowners in today’s market. It comes with a low price tag, extremely easy installation, and little to maintenance necessary. Stucco siding is also a great option for improving the energy efficiency of your home, but the initial purchase price will be significantly higher than vinyl. Stucco siding requires more upkeep and a more complicated installation process as well.

To learn more about what type of siding could begin improving the efficiency of your home and lowering energy costs, speak with an expert at Driscoll Contracting to discuss each option for your home. Fiber cement, stone, and aluminium siding are the worst types of siding for your energy bill so if your home currently has one of those, it’s best to call right away! You can reach us at 781-405-5584 or contact us via our website.

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