Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make

A kitchen remodel often a dream project for some homeowners. It requires careful planning and thought, as well as time and money. You want to see your kitchen remodeling project come to reality and major hiccups avoided. There are costly mistakes during a remodeling project, but you don’t have to be one of those homeowners who experience any. Here’s a quick look at some common kitchen remodeling mistakes that you want to keep at bay.


Wasting Space and Steps

It might be harder to waste space designing a kitchen with limited square footage. However, a big kitchens remodeling project can be tricky when it comes to effectively using up the space and not wasting it. Emphasize your layout and minimize wasted space. You want to avoid creating a kitchen with dead space and utilize it efficiently for kitchen tasks and functions. Try and achieve a compact step-saving kitchen space where you don’t have to walk a reasonable distance from the sink to the stove. Adding a kitchen island, for example, is a great way to utilize kitchen space functionally and stylishly and to minimize steps.


Tight Aisles

Think of kitchen aisles as the guiding pathway in a kitchen for all kitchen occupants to move about and to perform all kinds of kitchen tasks. The aisles should be of an appropriate width that makes kitchen navigation and maneuvering easy. You want to avoid creating tight aisles that could make your kitchen space feel cramped. Strive for your kitchen isles to be between 42 and 48 inches wide, and do not neglect to focus on the layout when remodeling your kitchen.


Oversizing Islands

An island can make the perfect addition to a kitchen, but it needs to be of an appropriate size that fits into your kitchen layout and function. Try not to make your kitchen island too large so that it robs your kitchen of much-needed space or increases the steps needed to get from one kitchen area to the next. Keep your kitchen island at 10 feet or below in length and at a depth of 4 feet or less to easily reach the center. Look at the kitchen space you have and use that to help determine the right island length for your kitchen. 


Overwhelming Your Small Kitchen Space

When you have a small kitchen space, you might be limited to what you can include in your kitchen design. You can’t always get everything you want, but maybe you can get those most meaningful to you. You don’t want to overwhelm your small kitchen space trying to add every idea you have in mind. Go for a small peninsula rather than an island if it suits your space best. Think about how you can get the most out of your kitchen space during your remodel, but know when to pull back and overdo. 


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